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Tara Papworth is, without doubt, a star among stars. She finished the gruelling 260km Wadi Rum Ultra Marathon in the blistering heat of the Jordanian desert.


NMO Spectrum-UK extends the biggest ‘Thank you’ to Tara and her team for all of their efforts in support of our charity.  Tara, in her own words, would like to recognise those who assisted her in her tremendous efforts.


Well, what an absolutely amazing week! It’s been an absolute blast and I’ve had SUCH a good time – totally hit my goal of “finishing in one piece having enjoyed it”.


Thanks so much to Jamie Sparks, Lee Fudge and their amazing team for their brilliant organisation and an incredible event in such a stunning and remote location. I actually very much enjoyed being a tiny speck in a massive desert.


Special thanks to ‘the man with the magic [yet painful] hands’ Kieran Lowe, who kept my calves from exploding each evening, although I’m not sure I have forgiven him for the toenail squishing incident yet.


Top, top, thanks to all the other runners for lots of laughs and for their support. I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people to do this alongside. I am in awe of each and every one of you. A dazzling display of human spirit, kindness, physical and mental strength and utter determination! So much good is being done through raising money and awareness for a variety of amazing causes.  Incredible job everyone!


Special thanks to Sean McGuigan for being a great tent-buddy and for taping me up most mornings. Thanks are also due to Charlotte Myant-Best for being a running-buddy with a plan on Day 4.

It was a wonderful occasion of sharing, especially food, funny/sick/weird stories and comparing manky feet/body parts. I love adventures where it’s normal to lose your toenails/skin (and show everyone), acceptable to poo outside (and talk about it), and have the highlight of your day being a mouthful of flat Sprite or Pepsi.


Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the last 5 months. This was not a solo effort by any means and I have appreciated every word of support, the training companionship, and the charity donations. I’ve had an absolute blast!


My fundraising page is open for a few more weeks, so if you’d like to donate you can do so at:, and read more about the charity I am supporting on their website:


If you’d like to take part in the Wadi Rum Ultra 2018, you can find out more info and enter at: I would 100% recommend it for an experience like no other!


And of course, finally, a shout out to the reason I chose NMO Research as my charity – the amazing Lily Hurford. Yes, I suffered for 5 days but that is only temporary. Lily has to face things I can’t even imagine on a daily basis. To me, she is the legend and hero.




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