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Congratulations to Niamh!



Pictured here is Niamh, receiving her Radio 1 award with (left to right) ‘Superstar’ Jess Glynne, Niamh’s mother, Suzanne, and BBC Radio 1’s Clara Amfo.


Niamh was selected from many, many nominees to receive this prestigious award for her commitment and determination to support others affected by chronic illnesses, and for her work as Paediatric Ambassador to NMO Spectrum-UK.


After suffering years of both physical and mental pain brought on by her illness, NMO, and the lack of understanding of its effects among her peers, she decided that no one should suffer alone. Niamh set up the Instagram profile @youngpeople_chronicillnesses, which has developed into a platform for young people from all over the world who suffer chronic illnesses to communicate their experiences and to support each other through the best and the worst of times.  As an ambassador for NMO Spectrum-UK, Niamh has worked wonders in raising awareness of NMO Spectrum Disorders, something that the charity will be eternally grateful for.


Who would have thought, when we first set out on the road to raising awareness of this incurable illness, that William and Kate, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, would one day be listening intently to Niamh and her story!




Niamh’s efforts and her NMO story have now been shared with millions of people across the UK through BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Wales and TAG S4C.


This is just the beginning for Niamh: she has dealt easily with her sudden stardom, and will continue in her determination to support and inspire other children affected by NMO and Chronic Illnesses in the present and in the years to come.





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