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are proud to announce the launch of our first official magazine, aimed at raising awareness of NMO whilst promoting partnerships between the private sector, the NMO community and the NHS.


As a community, we need to understand that without the support of our advertisers in the magazine, much of the valuable work of both the CIC (NMO-UK RARE ILLNESS RESEARCH FOUNDATION) and The Charity (NMO SPECTRUM-UK) would be impossible.


We ask that you return the favour by using the services provided by our kind supporters, when required.  We intend to produce upwards of 10,000 copies per annum, which will be permanently displayed in NHS Centres, Hospitals, GP Surgery waiting rooms, and as many places of public interest as possible.



  Our aim is to ensure that by providing as much information as possible about NMO Spectrum Disorders, throughout the NHS and the general public, we can raise much needed awareness of the symptoms of NMO in the hope that there will benomore

As we strive towards our mutual goal:  THE CURE.

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