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In our last post concerning the heroics of John and his team mates, Tony Dodsworth and Martin Behan, and their unbelievable exertions in support of NMO Spectrum-UK,

john small

I happened to mention that John and his team had completed the lap of one hundred and seventy five obstacles on this gruelling course. In fact, this was not the case. John, Tony and Martin, not content with one lap ofNuclear Oblivion pain, completed three and a half laps, including over three hundred heavy-duty (British Army Standard) assault course obstacles, in what would appear to be perfect conditions. I’m sure the irony with regard to conditions won’t be lost.

jk obsical

We have previously thanked John for his heroic efforts, but a special ‘thank you’ has to go out to the rest of this team: Tony Dodsworth (pictured here with John), Martin Bean, and to Tia- Grace Ray- a sufferer of this terrible illness – who waited at the finish line for the whole of the day to greet her heroes in person.

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