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Tara Papworth is, without doubt, a star among stars. She finished the gruelling 260km Wadi Rum Ultra Marathon in the blistering heat of the Jordanian desert.


NMO Spectrum-UK extends the biggest ‘Thank you’ to Tara and her team for all of their efforts in support of our charity.  Tara, in her own words, would like to recognise those who assisted her in her tremendous efforts.


Well, what an absolutely amazing week! It’s been an absolute blast and I’ve had SUCH a good time – totally hit my goal of “finishing in one piece having enjoyed it”.


Thanks so much to Jamie Sparks, Lee Fudge and their amazing team for their brilliant organisation and an incredible event in such a stunning and remote location. I actually very much enjoyed being a tiny speck in a massive desert.


Special thanks to ‘the man with the magic [yet painful] hands’ Kieran Lowe, who kept my calves from exploding each evening, although I’m not sure I have forgiven him for the toenail squishing incident yet.


Top, top, thanks to all the other runners for lots of laughs and for their support. I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people to do this alongside. I am in awe of each and every one of you. A dazzling display of human spirit, kindness, physical and mental strength and utter determination! So much good is being done through raising money and awareness for a variety of amazing causes.  Incredible job everyone!


Special thanks to Sean McGuigan for being a great tent-buddy and for taping me up most mornings. Thanks are also due to Charlotte Myant-Best for being a running-buddy with a plan on Day 4.

It was a wonderful occasion of sharing, especially food, funny/sick/weird stories and comparing manky feet/body parts. I love adventures where it’s normal to lose your toenails/skin (and show everyone), acceptable to poo outside (and talk about it), and have the highlight of your day being a mouthful of flat Sprite or Pepsi.


Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the last 5 months. This was not a solo effort by any means and I have appreciated every word of support, the training companionship, and the charity donations. I’ve had an absolute blast!


My fundraising page is open for a few more weeks, so if you’d like to donate you can do so at:, and read more about the charity I am supporting on their website:


If you’d like to take part in the Wadi Rum Ultra 2018, you can find out more info and enter at: I would 100% recommend it for an experience like no other!


And of course, finally, a shout out to the reason I chose NMO Research as my charity – the amazing Lily Hurford. Yes, I suffered for 5 days but that is only temporary. Lily has to face things I can’t even imagine on a daily basis. To me, she is the legend and hero.




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NMO Spectrum-UK thank you Louise

Yet another “BIG THANK YOU” to our runners and riders as Louise lands a GOLD, for her efforts in the Cardiff Half Marathon, well done Louise

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Well Done Giuseppe, and a special thank you to you and your team from everyone at NMO Spectrum-UK. Bristol has done us proud as everyone involved in the Half Marathon have gone above and beyond the call. “Thank You”.

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Gareth Eggle – A bridge too far

Go Gareth, Bristol’s Half Marathon, this certainly isn’t a bridge too far for NMO’s fundraiser of the year 2017 Gareth Eggle. our good egg.

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Congrats to our Great North Runners, A Big NMO well done To Jonathan Collinson and Angela Hutchinson

Let’s extend a special NMO Spectrum-UK thank you and well done to Angela Hutchinson and Jonathan Collinson our Great North Runners.

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Tara’s upcoming ultramarathon in the Jordan dessert

Tara Papworth is running an ultramarathon in the Jordon dessert for NMO-UK.

Let’s get behind this amazing young lady, Tara Papworth.

Without doubt we have had many events organised by individuals who, in support of NMO Spectrum UK, have put themselves through the mill with endurance events that would have some of us running for the hills. This is, without doubt, nothing short of amazing.

Tara is running the 260km ultramarathon in the Jordan desert in October. That’s 6 marathons in 5 days. 2600 football pitches, 17, 333 double decker buses, 10, 833 tennis courts or 78, 078 rulers. It is also just under the driving distance from where she currently lives (Cheltenham) to where she used to live (Horncastle, Lincolnshire).

Lets show our support in whatever way possible for this challenge of challenges and get behind Tara as only our community can.

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Brian’s Highland Walk

Brian’s Highland Walk

Brian ready to go

Tuesday 27th June 2017 (Day 1)

The day had finally arrived, with all the practice done. I planned to make this a long day and, for those of you who may know Caithness, I wanted to get over Berriedale Braes, approximately 30 miles from Thurso.

Leaving Thurso

Heading off at 5am, to take advantage of the long hours of daylight and lack of traffic, I managed about 11 miles before my support team (my partner, Jill) came out to meet me with coffee, bacon and sausages. After a rest it was onwards once more across the remote Causeway Mire, admiring the beautiful Caithness wilderness, and foraging the occasional ripe bramble along the way.

Somewhere in Caithness

Twenty or so miles in, Dunbeath was a natural place to stop for lunch, before setting off again as the showers of rain started.

At around 4pm, Berriedale was directly ahead. If my legs weren’t sore going down the steep hairpin bends at the north side, then by the time I walked up the equally-steep, mile-long southern stretch they certainly were! I managed to soldier on for a few miles and finally stopped to await collection at a layby on the A9.

I was then whisked off, footsore and tired, for a meal, a shower and bed in a local hotel. (Total distance 58km.)  I had feared I would be plagued by midges, but thankfully they had failed to make an appearance that day.

Berriedale Braes

Day 2 (Out of Caithness)

From the first step (as I started from the A9 layby, where I had stopped the previous evening) I could tell my feet were not at all happy about this, but I still managed approximately 6 miles to Helmsdale before a break for breakfast. With the day being that bit warmer, I set off again with plenty of water in my backpack. My worries about the midges were unfounded again, as the breeze seemed to keep them away. I was sure I would pay for this later!

Walking along the coastal A9 road, I found that the traffic was heavier than on the previous day, so more care was needed on the road. There was still plenty of opportunity for admiring the view, and even learning a thing or two about local history along the way.

Local history

By the time 5pm came along, my feet finally said, “No more!” The car park at the end of Golspie’s main street became the end point for Day 2, with another 37km completed.

Day 3 (Golspie to Nigg)

I left Golspie and headed south along the A9. The road widening made dodging traffic much easier as I headed over the Dornoch Bridge to Tain. After a brief break, I headed off to catch the ferry from Nigg over to Cromarty. However, the heavens opened about 10 miles from Nigg and I could feel myself slowing down as I trudged along.

Resisting the offer of a lift from a kind lady a few miles outside Nigg, I took the opportunity to give her a soggy NMO leaflet and explain why I was walking in the downpour, and she seemed genuinely interested. I eventually arrived at Nigg 44km after setting out in the morning. I was just in time to see the last ferry leave about two minutes before I got to the jetty!

So there I was, cold wet and miserable, shivering in a bus shelter until Jill came along and, with the heating going full blast in the car, got me to the hotel. A steaming hot shower, a glass of wine and a huge plate of venison stew, and I was ready to sleep.

Strangely, there had been no midges that day either!

Day 4 (Friday , Black Isle to Inverness)

Rather than going back to Nigg for the ferry crossing  to Cromarty, I started Friday from the Cromarty ferry terminal at the other side. So, with a fresh sense of purpose, off I went, heading for Inverness and the finishing line.

Coming out of the village of Cromarty there was a long slow climb of approximately 7km, according to the voice on the MapMyWalk app on my phone. Over the days I had really grown to look forward to her updates each kilometre, and got annoyed if traffic drowned out her voice!

By early afternoon, I arrived at my brother’s house in the village of Avoch (pronounced Och, as in loch). After a cuppa I was off again, knowing I had only about 10 miles left. By 4pm, I could finally see Inverness.  A quick descent down the hill and back beside the A9 dual carriageway, and I was almost there.

The bridge into Inverness

The stadium at the other side

I was so pleased to see my mum along with other family members, waiting for me, at the Inverness Caledonian Thistle football stadium. That was 35km for the day and a grand total of 174km or 108miles. Job done, and as a bonus, I had never encountered a single midge the whole way!

Mum at the finish line

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Monika’s Walk

Please take a look at the flyer, below, detailing a sponsored walk that the wonderful Brian Carson is doing to raise money for NMO UK. Details about how to sponsor Brian will be added to our JustGiving page in the near future.




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NMO We’ve Got You Wrapped Up.

NMO Spectrum-UK is proud to announce
Friday 31st March To Friday 7th April 2017

We have planned our Awareness Week to coincide with the NMO National Conference and Patients’ Day at The Aston Conference Centre, Friday 7th & Saturday 8th April 2017.

We call upon all of our Ambassadors to step up to the plate.  Let’s see what individuals can do to raise awareness in their local communities.

A Facebook challenge has been devised, to commence on Monday 27th February, which we hope will start with our own community and friends, and with a little luck and good planning will then go viral.  Please keep up to date through our FaceBook community page and our website,

I  shall be the first to make a fool of myself, and then challenge three of my friends to take on the challenge.  If the challenge is accepted, then each of the three participants will make a £10.00 donation to the charity through the JustGiving page, “We’ve got you wrapped up”.  Then they can   challenge three of their friends to do the same.

No clues are available as yet, but there will be prizes for the fastest time, most original setting and of course the funniest.  All recordings of the challenge will go onto our Facebook community page and our website so that on those days when life seems to be a bit of a struggle, we can have a little laugh at ourselves and our friends, and hopefully bring that smile back.

I have no doubt that our community, and beyond, will be very supportive, both raising awareness and making people smile at the same time.

The first challenge, of course, is to you the reader.  Is there something that you can do in your community to raise awareness of NMO?  Have you had ideas that have not yet been acted on?  Well, now is the time to revisit them – and if you need any support, we are here to help in any way possible.

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