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trishWelcome to Rare Illness Research Foundation,

We have made every effort to make navigation of our site and grant procedure as user friendly as possible, but as we begin our journey any input that could help improve our support or services would be greatly appreciated.

If you are a sufferer or family member that needs support in any way, maybe you would benefit by just reading the stories of other sufferers and their family members, and then simply hover over the region where you live or regions, to read stories and accounts from others in a similar position. It took a great deal of courage for those people to share their personal stories with the whole of the World, so a special ‘thank you’ to all of you. It is never too late for anyone else who feels their story could be of assistance to other sufferers/family members, so please, if you feel you could help then contact us at:


dfPlease take a minute of your valued time to understand the importance of this ongoing campaign to fight against life threatening or debilitating rare illnesses that can affect anyone at any time. We are a totally none for profit  organisation that prides itself in keeping administration costs to the bare minimum working alongside the NHS throughout the UK who’s main concern is helping others who feel there is no one there to understand or assist.

Although it is extremely important to maintain a healthy life style taking on board advice and recommendations with regards to diet, exercise and healthy living that in its self is not a guarantee, as there are none, that the fittest of people in their prime will not be directly affected by a rare illness. A case in point is that of Darren Fletcher a professional footballer at the height of his career was struck down by Ulcerative Colitis.

Read more about Darren and Rare Illnesses >

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Your support is not only gratefully received, it is essential in the ongoing fight against Rare Illnesses effecting children and adults within the UK.

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