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Tara’s upcoming ultramarathon in the Jordan dessert

Tara Papworth is running an ultramarathon in the Jordon dessert for NMO-UK.

Let’s get behind this amazing young lady, Tara Papworth.

Without doubt we have had many events organised by individuals who, in support of NMO Spectrum UK, have put themselves through the mill with endurance events that would have some of us running for the hills. This is, without doubt, nothing short of amazing.

Tara is running the 260km ultramarathon in the Jordan desert in October. That’s 6 marathons in 5 days. 2600 football pitches, 17, 333 double decker buses, 10, 833 tennis courts or 78, 078 rulers. It is also just under the driving distance from where she currently lives (Cheltenham) to where she used to live (Horncastle, Lincolnshire).

Lets show our support in whatever way possible for this challenge of challenges and get behind Tara as only our community can.

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