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There are already many men who trust Endopeak in improving their sex lives. In fact, this all-natural supplement allows you to increase libido, improve erections, making them stronger and longer lasting, and solve premature ejaculation problems.

This type of disorder is very common among men and is not always age-related. In fact, it also happens to young men that they are unable to perform well in bed due to particularly difficult and stressful periods in their lives that have a negative impact on the sexual aspect.

Endopeak allows you to solve all the most common sexual problems, even temporary ones, giving you unimaginable improvements that are able to ignite passion in a couple or increase virility and security in your approach with your partner.

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Unlike such supplements, Endopeak is all-natural. It does not contain any chemical elements that could interfere with various bodily functions, giving complete safety to the man who decided to take it. However, the natural aspect of the ingredients contained in Endopeak capsules should not make you think of a bland effect and diminished effectiveness, because used regularly and as directed, this supplement allows for a stronger and more durable erection, with unimaginable sexual performance.

At this point there is nothing left to do but to delve deeper into the subject, learning in depth all the features of Endopeak, its ingredients and the benefits a person derives from them. Finally, we will show you a purchase path that will guarantee you a safe purchase, avoid the risk of scams and fraud, and enable you to get the original product home.

What are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction?

When it comes to erectile dysfunction (ED), data on exactly which men get it and why is a bit hard to come by. First, this is because ED is fundamentally not a disease, it is a symptom. And, of course, symptoms can mean very different things to different people.

NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) defines erectile dysfunction as “a persistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection that is sufficient to enable satisfactory sexual intercourse” – but one man’s idea of what is persistent may differ significantly from another.

The second reason is that it is difficult to estimate the number of people with the disease, where every person who is affected does not always seek help.

While most people with diabetes have met a doctor at some stage in their lives – representing a major source of epidemiological data – erectile dysfunction can be a source of embarrassment, leading men to avoid seeing a doctor and underestimating the problem as a result.

That said, based on the data we have, some trends have emerged, showing some of the more common causes of erectile dysfunction.

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Depression and anxiety

As we mentioned in The Erectile Book, both physical and mental health conditions can affect erections. There is strong evidence to suggest that erectile dysfunction is more likely to occur if depressive symptoms are present, and that more severe depression is associated with more severe erectile dysfunction.

This can also work the other way – men who report erectile dysfunction are more likely to develop depression than men who do not.

Anxiety, as we discussed earlier, is associated with increased sympathetic nervous system activity, which largely prevents erections. There are numbers, which confirm this: the incidence of erectile dysfunction rises to 37% in men with moderate anxiety and 75% in men with severe anxiety.

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Abuse of alcohol and psychoactive substances

We have written a comprehensive guide on how recreational drugs can affect erections and your sex life in general. The numbers back up the science – several studies have shown that men who have problems with substance and alcohol abuse , are more likely to report erectile dysfunction.


Diabetes is a condition in which you have high levels of sugar in your blood – it is derived from Latin and means “sweetened with honey.” Diabetes makes you more prone to developing blockages in your blood vessels – a process called arteriosclerosis – which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

About 20-67% of men with diabetes report erectile dysfunction, which is considered a reliable indicator of diabetes-relatedvascular complications. Although – the good news – they can be avoided with proper diabetes control, usually supervised by a doctor or specialist nurse.

Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease refers to diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels. As you may already know, they can be the cause of erectile dysfunction, since effective blood supply to the penis is crucial for proper erectile function.

Men with cardiovascular disease are more likely to report severe erectile dysfunction (39%) compared to the general population (9.6%). It is very important to be aware that erectile dysfunction can be an early symptom of such diseases – it is important to contact your doctor so that he can assess other cardiovascular risk factors (such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes) and intervene and treat them where needed.

Smoking and a high BMI (body mass index) are also important cardiovascular risk factors – it’s a very good idea to quit smoking and follow a healthier diet and exercise.

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Older age

Unfortunate but true: the chance of erectile dysfunction increases with age. Most men still feel interest in sex – in survey conducted in 2017 Among those aged 65-80, 76% agreed that sex is an important part of a romantic relationship at any age, and 70% of men agreed that sex is important to their overall quality of life. Despite this, only 40% of the men and women surveyed report being sexually active.

The reasons for this range from factors medical factors that cause erectile dysfunction, such as diabetes and certain medications, to psychosocial factors such as loss of a partner or lack of privacy in nursing homes or assisted living facilities – but it’s worth noting that among the 18% of men versus 3% of women who tried medications or supplements to improve their sexual functioning, 77% said it was helpful.

What is Endopeak and how it works

Endopeak is a natural dietary supplement specifically designed to improve male sexual performance in terms of both potency and duration. As mentioned, it is a natural, safe and certified product. On the market, it is presented in the form of individually sealed capsules in a blister pack to ensure maximum safety for the consumer, while the active ingredients it contains remain unchanged.

Each package contains 60 capsules, as mentioned, individually sealed, easy to take with you in any situation.

Used regularly and according to the instructions on the package, Endopeak improves both the quality and duration of erections and sexual intercourse in general. It increases libido and arouses desire.

The use of this natural supplement is recommended in all situations where erectile problems occur, whether due to specific pathologies, so the supplement supports medical therapy, or transient psychological situations to help a man overcome a stressful period. Endopeak is the ideal solution for:

  • Transient and occasional erectile dysfunction
  • premature ejaculation due to stress
  • performance anxiety
  • Reduced libido and desire.

In such cases Endopeak guarantees better sexual performance thanks to a more vigorous, longer and immediate erection. Even ejaculation is delayed to allow long and satisfying sexual intercourse.

In addition to deriving pleasure from sex, this natural supplement allows a man to increase or regain self-esteem lost with subdued sexual performance. We know well how, for a man, self-confidence in bed reflects in the social and character sphere, making him masculine, confident and willing to make new approaches. But not only that, a satisfying sex life cements the couple, increases complicity and removes the tensions that cause daily quarrels.

All this can happen through the use of a simple natural supplement and the ingredients in it, let’s see them in detail in the next paragraph.

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Capsule ingredients Endopeak :

Inside each capsule Endopeak contains meticulously selected and carefully controlled natural ingredients in a laboratory, along with case testing and verification.

The complete Inci can be seen on the package, but the main ingredients that allow it to work so effectively are:

  • Peruvian maca : is an element rich in vitamins and mineral salts. According to scientific studies, excellent properties beneficial to male sexual performance and potency have been reported. The active ingredients contained in this plant have the ability to increase libido, supporting any treatments used against erectile dysfunction and impotence.
  • Citrulline: rich in L-arginine, this substance allows to significantly improve erections, both in terms of strength and duration. This is due to its effect on blood circulation and the elasticity of the veins, which allow more blood flow to the peripheral areas of the body, and therefore also to the penis.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: is a plant capable of giving excellent energizing power, useful in the erectile phase both to improve its quality and duration. It also helps generate well-being at the psychological level.
  • Tropical herbs: including Muira puama and Cordyceps, capable of producing an excellent aphrodisiac effect useful for re-awakening sexual desire.

The synergistic action of these elements translates into an exceptional stimulating effect for a man, who is again capable of fully satisfying sexual acts.

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Is Endopeak have contraindications or side effects? All Benefits:

Taken in cases of low libido and low sexual performance, the supplement Endopeak will allow you to enjoy the benefits both in the short term and in the medium to long term, truly reviving erections to have a satisfying sexual intercourse for both men than for your partner .

Specifically, continuous application and according to the company’s instructions allows:

  • maximize libido
  • get an effective erection both qualitatively and temporally
  • increase sexual potency, and with it the level of self-esteem
  • counter impotence in psychological form
  • Qualitatively improve seminal fluid, semen and testosterone levels.

All this can happen only if the product is taken according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How to use?

When it comes to using Endopeak , there are no specific indications other than carefully following the instructions on the package, avoiding overdose, which, in addition to being useless and of little benefit, can cause the appearance of side effects.

Taking Endopeak works perfectly with alcohol intake, so you can safely have a drink or wine before intercourse.

Endopeak Found in a pharmacy? Price and method of purchase

The world of supplements is full of products, many of which may be similar or at least similar. In such cases, highlighting the best, original product is not easy. For this reason, the manufacturing company has decided to sell this product only online and only through a dedicated official site. In this way, the customer will not have to recognize the original product among many similar ones, but will be sure that he buys exactly what caught his attention.

This detail is fundamental when buying a supplement that affects health, and even more so in the sexual sphere. In this case, it is necessary to be absolutely sure that the product used is effective, but above all safe for health and does not affect various bodily functions.

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