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Cystenone is a phytotherapeutic dietary supplement, the active ingredient of which is a substance of plant origin.
This product is the only one on the market to offer an effective, healthy and formulated phytotherapy to eliminate cystitis in an effective, natural and safe way.

What is cystitis?

Cystitis is a common type of urinary tract infection (UTI) that causes inflammation of the bladder. It is most common in women, although it can also affect men. Usually this condition is more of an annoyance than a cause for concern, and if it is mild, it may even resolve on its own.

However, some people have recurrent episodes of cystitis, which may require regular treatment, and there is a possibility that cystitis may lead to kidney infection. It is always important to talk to your pharmacist or family doctor about your symptoms and available treatments.


What are the symptoms of cystitis?

Symptoms of cystitis include:

  • Pain, stinging and burning during urination
  • The need to urinate frequently
  • The need to urinate urgently, but only a small amount of urine is released
  • Urine is dark, cloudy and has an intense odor
  • Traces of blood in urine
  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • Malaise, pain, fatigue or fever

Children can also develop cystitis and other URIs; however, it can be difficult to decide if this is what they have, as symptoms can be dismissed as stomach vermin or the flu.

Symptoms of cystitis in children include:

  • High temperature
  • Feelings of weakness and fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Reduced appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Pain during urination
  • More frequent urination
  • Abdominal pain
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How do you have cystitis?

Cystitis and other UTIs are mainly caused by bacteria entering the urinary tract and causing infection. In women, the urethra, the tube that drains urine from the bladder to the outside of the body, is located very close to the anus, so bacteria can be easily transmitted. To learn more about how you can develop cystitis, read our guide to the causes of cystitis.

Is it possible to get cystitis during pregnancy?

Yes, if you are pregnant and think you have cystitis and have any symptoms, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Cystitis often occurs during pregnancy because the change in hormones can affect the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina. As the child grows, the pressure on the bladder increases, which can prevent the bladder from emptying completely when going to the toilet.


How Cystenone Works

The use of Cystenon supplement is particularly suitable for the prevention and treatment of cystitis of all types. It works effectively, safely and quickly with a completely original formulation and 360° protection for your body in a healthy way.

The supplement fights harmful bacteria not by killing them directly, but by naturally expelling them from the bladder, thanks to the presence of D-mannose, a natural antibiotic extracted from cranberries , in the ingredients .

The latter immediately enters the bloodstream, and after physiological removal by the kidneys and reaching the bladder, it cleanses the urethral cells of bacteria ( especially E. coli ) that previously adhered to the surface of the urethral walls.

Cystenone will also raise the immune defense of the bladder mucosa, creating a hostile environment for the spread of bacteria by expelling them through the urinary tract.

Ingredients of Cystenone supplement

As mentioned above, Cystenon contains only all-natural ingredients, let’s look at them in detail below.

  • D-mannose

The ingredient contained in the berries will make harmful bacteria cling to each other instead of the walls of the urethra, eliminating them through physiological urinary excretion. Cystenone contains a significant amount of D-mannose , because the one naturally contained in berries is insufficiently or too slowly absorbed by the human body.

These leaves, used for hundreds of years by the ancient indigenous community of South Africa, have among their main properties detoxifying and anti-inflammatory, especially indicated in all forms of cystitis.

  • American cranberry

A high-quality fruit that is quite well-known for its beneficial properties in preventing and treating urinary tract problems. American Indians used it wisely to promote drainage and remove pathogenic bacteria from the body much faster and more effectively.

  • Zinc

Rich in a valuable mineral such as zinc, Cystenone will help your body strengthen its immune defenses against cystitis, providing a powerful , all-natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

  • Hibiscus flower

The soothing flower, which has a diuretic and antiseptic effect on the body thanks to its acids (oxalic, citric and scorbic), will help expel urine and prevent possible urinary tract infections.

Why and when to use Cystenone

Cystenon is indicated for both men and women , this product can be very helpful as soon as the first symptoms of cystitis appear, and especially for people who are unfortunately predisposed to periodic and annoying inflammation of the bladder caused by intestinal problems, previous disorders that weakened immune system, or in people who unfortunately have cyclical urinary tract infections caused by structural features of the body.

Based on updated statistics, it was found that women are much more prone to contracting cystitis, especially due to their anatomical structure, and it is in such cases that Cystenone is very useful, combined with a healthy lifestyle and constant intimate hygiene, will protect you from periodic and annoying infections. It will also naturally preserve your body, protecting the proper functioning of other important urinary organs, such as the kidneys and urethra.


Reviews and customer feedback Cystenon

  • Sara

“I had been suffering from chronic cystitis for a long time, in particular I experienced severe burning and discomfort during the urination phase, I tried various products available on the market, but they caused me frequent and undesirable side effects. From my warm friend I learned about Cystenon, which thanks to its all-natural composition helped me solve my prolonged and annoying suffering in a few days without contraindications, I highly recommend it!”

Cystenon customer reviews and feedback
  • Maria

“I often felt pain after making love with my boyfriend, and when I ate certain types of acid-based foods (even in small amounts), I felt a burning sensation and urinated in small amounts compared to normal. Cystenon I met through social media and after filling out a questionnaire on the site, I was immediately contacted by a staff of experts who carefully advised me on timing and administration based on my case. In a few days I am completely cured, dare I say reborn, the results are visible, now I can enjoy sexual activity with peace of mind, and the bacterial cystitis I suffered from is just a bad and annoying memory.”

Price and where to buy it

Cystenon can be purchased exclusively on the official website at a price of -50% .

This supplement is sold exclusively online to make absolutely sure that customers do not mistakenly buy a fake product imitating the original product.

If you want to benefit from the beneficial and authentic properties of the Cystenon at the best possible price, just fill out the form located on the dedicated website , and then you will be contacted free of charge by a team of experts who will list the methods best suited to your needs requirements for taking this product.

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